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2024 NWOS Assembly

June 1, 2024

9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Bowling Green

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Registration Window

January 1, 2024 – April 30, 2024

$100 per person (lunch included)

May 1, 2024 – May 31, 2024

$200 per person (lunch included)

Childcare will be provided (registration required)

Cassie Mugler will be the Interim Synod Assembly Manager. Cassie will be assisting synod staff in planning the 2024 Synod Assembly.

If you have questions about the 2024 Synod Assembly, Cassie will be monitoring this email address.

Assembly Details

How to Determine a Congregation’s Voting Members

A congregation’s Assembly voting members can be determined by the following formula:

Please note:

  • A congregation’s called Rostered Ministers (pastor and deacon) are not included in the above formula.
  • A congregation with a Synodically Authorized Minister may have an additional lay voting member provided that additional lay voting member is their Synodically Authorized Minister. According to constitutional provisions, Synodically Authorized Ministers are not considered Rostered Ministers.
  • Retired rostered ministers not otherwise serving a congregation may be voting members provided they register and attend the Assembly.
  • Congregations are encouraged to have several alternates available in case their voting members are not able to attend an in-person assembly.


Please any questions you may have about 2022 Northwestern Ohio Synod Assembly to or by calling our office and leaving your question in the general mailbox 419-423-3664.


Nominating Process for Synod Council and Committees

The members of the synod’s Nominating Committee include:

The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of nominees for consideration by the Synod Assembly. Please contact a committee member before if you would like to be considered for nomination to any of the below positions.

Please note that any nomination not included on the Nominating Committee’s Slate of Nominees as included in the pre-assembly packet of information, will need to be a floor nomination. Floor nominees will be given the opportunity during the assembly to fill out a nominee bio form and once completed, the nominee bio will be made available to the assembly. Floor nominations may be made during the assembly meeting on Saturday June 1, prior to the close of nominations.

Synod Council/Committees Positions

The following positions to synod council/committees are open for election to terms beginning in 2022:

Synod Officer
Synod Council Secretary (4-year term, 2024 – 2028)

Synod Council (3yr terms)

North Central Conference RM (2024-27)
North Central Conference Lay (2024-27)
Southeastern Conference RM (2024-27)
Southwestern Conference RM(2024-27)
Southwestern Conference Lay(2024-27)
At-Large Minority (2024-27)

Central Conference RM (2025-28)
Eastern Conference Lay (2025-28)
Maumee Valley Conference Lay (2025-28)
Toledo Area Conference RM (2025-28)
At-Large Lay (2025-28)
Youth/Young Adult (under age 30) (2025-28)

2024 – 2030
At-Large Rostered Minister (2024-2030)
At-Large Lay (2024-2030)

2025 – 2031
At-Large Rostered Minister (2025-2031)
At-Large Lay (2025-2031)

Consultation Committee (6-year term)

2025 – 2031
At-Large Rostered Minister (2025-2031)

Churchwide Voting Members (Phoenix, AZ July 28 – Aug. 2, 2025)

Central Lay Female
Eastern Lay Male
North Central Lay Male
Maumee Valley Lay Female
Southeastern Lay Female
Southwestern Lay Male
At-Large Minority Male or Female
At-Large Youth/Adult Lay Female or Male (under age 30)
Rostered Minister Female
Rostered Minister Female
Rostered Minister Female
Rostered Minister Male
Rostered Minister Male

Resolutions and Memorials

Resolutions and Memorials may be submitted by completing the form below and submitting to:

Director for Outreach Calla Gilson at and InterimSynod Assembly Manager Cassie Mugler at

The due date for resolutions is February 28, 2024.

The Microsoft Word document will be downloaded to your “Downloads Folder” on your computer.

Once received, the Synod Council will work with the resolution authors to ensure the resolution is in order and will be included in the pre-assembly materials.

Resolutions submitted after the due date will only be accepted as resolutions from the floor (during the Assembly meeting) provided that the Assembly’s adopted Rules and Procedures allow them, and/or the Assembly otherwise acts to allow submission of resolutions from the floor.


Voting Members


Rostered Minister

(Deacon or Pastor)

Synodically Authorized Minister


Retired Rostered Minister

(Deacon or Pastor)

Non-Voting Members


Volunteer Information

If you are interested in being considered as a 2024 Synod Assembly volunteer, thank you!

Please email with your name and how you are interested in serving.

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